K Soft SEO Services  an SEO agency, our agency name is K Soft SEO Social Media Marketing and has been providing SEO service for US businesses since 2015. We have a professional team of Best SEO Experts in Our office and our team available any time for your help. We are ten team partners. We solve all your SEO related problems. We always have goals to deliver on time and organized way.

We increase Leads, Keyword Ranking and sales with search Engine Optimization above 98 % clients satisfy with us we work officially and rank your site within two to three months and Our Developers and Experts always think about clients don’t face to difficulties in future and my business advisor give us best advice for future goals.

The main focus of our SEO Services in Lahore is to optimize your website to rank it on the first page of Search Engines because 90% of Searches take place in Google and it is a very popular and most used search engine in the world, therefore, everyone wants to rank on Google. We are working in Search Engine Optimization for the last five years and we have many customers to them we provide SEO Services All over countries. Most imported for us our client trust and his business privacy we delivered work result be on time.


  • We analyze deeply client vs competitor site
  • Optimizing Website for SEO
  • On – Off-Page, SEO & Backlinking
  • Keyword Research High volume
  • Boost online Traffic improve quality leads & Customers
  • Reduce the maximum cost of advertisements

K Soft SEO Services Team Members

Khurram Shehzad:

He has a serious attitude and mind-blowing expertise. He works on different platforms Like Fiverr, Freelancer, People per hour and he was our Project Manager.